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    Epic Fails

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    Epic Fails

    Post  Yne on Sat May 29, 2010 10:32 am

    Here I will list my Ecpi Fails to improve the forum.

    EPIC FAIL #1: Signatures. I tried to enable them but I made it so you can't even put it in a post even if you push the "Attach a Signature" button at the bottom of a post.
    (So I shall show you my signature that I put in the "Edit Signature Box:
    Link: And then maybe I can get revenge on Kaelia.... *evil laugh*
    Elzo: Umm, ok. Nice. But can we get going?
    Link: Wait! Lemme tell you what she did. *starts telling Elzo*
    Yne and Vaati: *are standing beside Elzo* O_o )

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